Disney Crossy Road Hack – Free Coins Cheats


Hipster Whale, an Australian Indie game
company and original creators of the Crossy Road game and the infamous Pac Man
256 have done it again. This time, the developers have created a similar
version of their original game in conjunction with Disney and Pixar, but with a
slight twist. Disney and Pixar’s famous characters such Mickey Mouse, Donald
Duck, Rapunzel, Mufasa, just to name a few feature in the new game. Disney
Crossy Road made its world debut in 2016 on App Store and Google Play and its
popularity has since skyrocketed. It has received thousands of positive reviews
and has an average of a 4.5 star rating.

The game hallmarks over 100 characters
and allows newbies access to a few of them to begin with. As the player proceeds,
he/she can unlock more characters. Each group of characters have their own
movie themed versions of the Crossy Road scenes and their own unique 8-bit
soundtracks, so you’ll feel like you’re reliving every bit of your favourite
Disney stories and movies. In the Lion King world for instance, instead of cars
along the road, you will encounter animals. In the Tangled world, you will be
required to avoid barrels while sliding down a hill. Each experience is as real
as it gets.

How to play

The game basically involves Mickey, the
default character, and the rest taking their chances on a busy road. Your role
as a player is to help them get across safely again and again and again. Don’t
be mistaken, it’s not as simple as it sounds. The game has no end point; you
keep playing until you’re crushed. The goal is to keep going by surviving as
long as you can and subsequently setting a high score at every turn. As you
unlock more characters, the game becomes more challenging.

Collecting coins

The gold coins are strictly an in-game
currency that allows you to unlock more characters as you proceed in the game.
In order to win the game, you need to collect tons of coins, and these are not
the easiest to come by.

Disney Crossy Road Hack

Several programs (or hack tools) have
been developed in order to enable a player gain more advantage in the game.
Sure, you gain unlimited access to coins and unlock all advanced characters
using these tools, but there is a beauty that comes with the game’s challenges.
You get to experience pure excitement and frustration in equal doses. However,
if you feel you do need a hack tool, try the Disney Crossy Road Hack. It’s
available for both iOS and Android.

Disney Crossy Road Cheats

Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

1.Play in landscape mode

This gives you a wider field of vision allowing you to get on quickly onto safer routes as you play.

2.Always tap behind your character

You want to avoid tapping in front of your character because chances are;

you will be blocking your view with your thumb as you play. Adopt this and with time, you will achieve even higher scores.

3.Keep moving

There will be times that you’ll find yourself standing for a long time as you wait for the
opportune moment to get your character to safety. Just don’t stand for too
long, as the eagle will come and grab you, then you’ll be done for.

4. Gold coins can cost you a life

Sure, gold coins allow you to unlock more characters and the more you collect the better, some
however, can be too difficult to get to and you might end up getting crashed as
you try to access them. Try avoiding coins that are too difficult to get to and
focus on getting safely across.

5. Your timing matters

Learn to time your jumps as you play. Delaying your jumps increases your chances of getting run
over by an incoming vehicle. Try jumping as close you possibly can to the back
a vehicle. This way you will get some time allowance before the next vehicle comes.

6.Turn on your notifications

You never want to miss an opportunity for free gifts. This is a quick way to gain gold coins in order
to unlock more characters without even trying.

Disney Crossy Road has continues to be a fun-fledged game for children and adults alike. I personally,
cannot wait to see the tweaks that will be made to it over time.



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